The Project

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The project area extends from the confluence of the Morava and Thaya river km 69.00 to the village Sierndorf at river km 53.0. The revitalization of this section is based on a joint Austrian-Slovak Action Plan, which was for the entire cross-border route of the Morava River within the project bgmII created. The main objectives are to restore the original character of the meandering lowland river,  to achieve a dynamic equilibrium according to the ecosystem approach and to improve the diversity of natural habitats in the floodplains. These aims are achieved through the gradual restoration of the natural interaction between the river bed and flood plain that are currently isolated from each other. The project objectives are in line with the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive (achievement of good ecological status) to promote as well the favorable conservation status under the EU-Fauna-Flora-Habitat Directive and support the objectives of the trilateral Ramsar-site "March-Thaya-Auen".

Primary restoration actions bgmII derived from the project:

  • Riverbank restoration: restoration of the existing embankment
  • Meander integration: full meander integration and connection of selected meanders with the Morava River
  • Lateral connectivity: To improve the connectivity of the floodplain with the river-flow dynamics
  • Tributaries: Elimination of migration barriers and restoration of estuaries of tributaries (Zaya)
  • Local measures to improve the flow capacity: a measure for local flood protection in the area between the existing flood control dams.